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Introducing Elysium

Powered by Presence. Design Meaning. Play Together.


ELYSIUM is a revolutionary new way of creating immersive digital experiences in the real world. It is a creation toolkit and a cloud platform that allows anyone to build their own worlds in agumented reality in real-time and share it with others.

Through our unique system of no-code interactive tools, all users become creators in their own right, and can build worlds that tell their story through interactive journeys in real spaces and locations. Beyond establishing connections, our interaction design engine: the GEIST Engine, allows you to create relationships between people, places, the digital, and activity.

No-code, Geolocated, Persistent, Real-time… All this comes together in ELYSIUM to allow any to build immersive journeys, on location, in any location, in an intuitive and simple manner that is powered by your presence.

As you create, you will see exactly what your audience will see. And as you build, your experience can be instantly published to be shared.

A What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor for the Spatial Web.

What is AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) is actually an entire series of technologies that allows for the illusion of placing a digital asset on top of the percieved real world.

You are likely exposed to AR everyday without knowing it. One form of AR powers the face filters we commonly see on social media. What the technology is doing is overlaying a digital effect on a tracked element (in this case your face) and puts them together as a video image.

What can you do with AR?

Just as AR has many forms, it has an even larger breadth of uses.

Depending on the kind of AR being implemented, the specific combinations of individual technologies in place, and the delivery of those technologies as an experience, AR has the capacity to add to anything we do that involves people and connectivity.

What is Elysium?

Key Concepts

Design + Principles

Who is it for?